That usually indicates a slow connection through a user's local (home) internet service provider (ISP) but there are many other factors as well. 

Two things you can try:

  1. Lower the amount of bandwidth used by RDP. Open Remote Desktop Connection (this is on a PC), select Show Options, select Experience tab, change the connection to Low-speed broadband (256 kbps - 2 Mbps). Connect to your campus workstation and see if it hangs or freezes. 
  2. Test your broadband connection/speed. DSL Reports has a nice quick testing tool,  Select Cable (if using Comcast/Verizon at home) and allow the utility to test the upload/download quality. If the overall rating is below a B you might want to shut some bandwidth hogs off temporarily (Amazon/Alexa/TVs/etc) or discuss increasing bandwidth with your personal ISP. 

If either of those steps fail to improve the connectivity, reboot the remote workstation and see if that helps.