To enable self-service password reset (SSPR) :

Register and provide two different methods for verifying your identity.  This will protect your account when you login or change a password.    

Microsoft requires two different methods of notification/verification for SSPR.  ITS recommends registering three different methods of verification, just to be safe. 

The options are: 

  • Downloading and using the Microsoft authenticator mobile app (iPhone or Android). 

  • Adding a mobile phone number at which you receive text messages or voice calls. 

  • Adding an personal e-mail address, such as GMail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. 


Pick at least two of the three listed.  Using your office phone number is not permitted. 




Step 1.  On a laptop or desktop, please log in to your account at  


Step 2.  

Click the 'Add method' link.  





Select Authenticator app. Click Add. 









Step 3: Download the Microsoft Authenticator app from the Apple or Google app store to your preferred mobile device. 

For additional information, view this video:   



  Click Next 




Click Next 



Step 4: Scan the QR code with your mobile device.  



Click Next (if it works proceed to Step 5) 

If you cannot scan the QR code?  

Click on “Can`t scan image?”  

(Below the QR Code) 







Type in the Code provided into your Microsoft Authenticator 

You will receive the error below if the code is not working.  














Step 5: Proceed to continue with Authenticator setup 







Step 6. Configure a mobile phone # and/or a 3rd party e-mail addresses to be registered with your account. O365 requires two registered private authentication methods for successful password changes. 












You have now finished registering for self-service password reset, and you now can reset your password at any time here:   


Note:  Once you change your password, your various apps on your computer, Global Protect VPN and mobile device(s) will each require you to enter the new password to authenticate. 


If you have any other questions or concerns , email